I am Teodor Burnar - journalist since 2006, writer since always.

The word... I loved it from the beginning. I was probably four or five when, just after the Romanian Revolution, I used to cut out Octavian Andronic's cartoons from newspapers, trying to decipher their meaning. Which I succeeded, after a while.

I owe it to my Mom that I grew up surrounded by many books, beautiful talks, and a love of spirit. Later, true to my calling, I became a (young) journalist, poet, writer...

It's hard for me to say whether writing or football was my first love. Over the years, the two passions became intertwined almost like a fait accompli, when I ended up writing about "king of sports"and became a professional journalist. It's a source of pride, then, that I have something in common with my idol, Pinturicchio: we both sent Bogdan Stelea to buy us paints. I, on the other hand, at a much smaller goal... mult mai mica

Sunt doar un scriitor. Si n-am decat aceste doua maini. Dar ele sunt suficiente ca sa schimbe Universul. De aceea, Joe Dassin's song resonates so much with me.

When the sun has just risen
My blows are echoing on the construction site
And I work so hard to make my way
I was given nothing but my hands
I only have my hands...